Tap Titans 2- A useful tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

Tap Titans 2- A useful tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

The Tap Titans is one of the most addictive and satisfying incremental games on the internet. This game now comes with excellent features, better scaling and also cooler graphics. If you have not played this game before, the gameplay of Tap Titans 2 is very simple and easy to play. To start playing this game, you just tap on a screen to deal damage with killing titans for gold. In order to upgrade your weapon, you can simply use this gold or hire heroes, which passively deal the damages. These heroes can also bring a lot of bonuses such as maximizing your tap damage and providing many gold while they are upgraded by trying Tap Titans 2 Hack.

Now, this game is a new in pretty long line of the tap battlers. In this game, the titans are more powerful, so each one you can kill. At a specific point on this game, you will determine the progress that is slowing to a crawl as titans. To enjoy this game, you can use a cool feature known as prestige. When you prestige, this game can reset your progress and brings you a wider number of relics that are used to purchase the artifacts. However, these artifacts are more powerful items that highly boost up your damage as well as provides you powerful bonuses such as offering you a greater chance to score an important hit.

Reviews on Tap Titans 2

The prestige system always motivates you to keep pushing for topper stages. Watching your heroes and your swordmaster grow stronger is very satisfying on this game. It is a nice feeling to watch previously unkillable titans that are failing to your blade with a small simple taps. The great thing about tap titans 2 is retaining the similar game play of its predecessor with an extra addition of clans and pets. Here, the pets are an extra source of damage and are safely hatched from the eggs. You can get these pets more easily by simply waiting for them to hatch or buy them from in-game stores. The pets also learn the strong skills that can enhance your damage output and gold gain. When you move to higher stages, they are main source of damage.

The tap titans 2 always need a small attention, so that you can have a conversation with some others, when you play this game. When the app is off, your heroes farm gold is amazing for busy people. In terms of spending your gold, there are some strategies available, so you should keep prestiging to develop fast, specifically if your don’t want to plan too much by getting Tap Titans 2 Hack 2018.

Bottom line

Overall, the Tap Titans 2 is such an awesome game that you can dedicate yourself as much time as you need to play. Let you start playing a couple of titans and enjoy playing a game for few hours. Therefore, the main strategy of this simple looking game can increase your leveling as well as push you for higher stages. It is also best suitable for both the hardcore and casual players.